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Scrutiny improvement

Improving scrutiny 2015/16

Audit Scotland, on behalf of the Accounts Commission, is working with other scrutiny bodies to make sure that the scrutiny of public sector bodies is better targeted and more proportionate to identified risks.

These pages are designed to keep you up to date with developments.

Currently, the main focus of development work is on local government. This sector has the highest number of external scrutiny bodies and it is where we think the greatest efficiencies can be made.

The scrutiny bodies involved in this work are:

Audit Scotland

The new arrangements mean a move away from cycles of inspection taking place on a predetermined basis. Instead the scrutiny bodies will work together to decide what they think the risks are for each local council and police board.

The scrutiny improvement work we are doing looks at the work done by external auditors or inspectors when they examine council services or the way the council is managed. This includes the way the council accounts for the money it spends. It does not include work done by inspectors at local units such as care homes or schools.

You will find more information on this work by following the links on this web page.

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